Working Papers:

Rise of Factor Investing: Asset Prices, Information Efficiency, and Security Design  (with Lin Will Cong and Shiyang Huang),  Revised and resubmitted, Journal of Finance

Investing in Lending Technology: IT Spending in Banking   (with Zhiguo He, Sheila Jiang and Xiao Yin), Revise and resubmit, Management Science

Tech-Driven Intermediation in the Originate-to-Distribute Model   (with Zhiguo He and Sheila Jiang)

Monitoring with Small Stakes  (with Sheila Jiang and Shohini Kundu)

Bank Technology Adoption and Loan Production in the U.S. Mortgage Market  (with Sheila Jiang and Adam Jorring)

Optimal Banking System for Private Money Creation

Rise of Domestic Banks in EME Cross-border Credit Intermediation  (with Sheila Jiang)

Domestic Bank Channeled Foreign Credit– A Blessing or a Curse: Evidence from China (with Sheila Jiang)